TSA Badging

If you are checked out to be PIC of one of our airplanes, you will need a TSA security badge for KHVN to access the aircraft.  To obtain one you must

  1. Have a completed application signed by our TSA signatory, Laura Baldwin (203-517-5409, lfbaldwin@aol.com). For that signature she needs to see two forms of ID (passport and driver’s license work really well) - AT LEAST ONE NEEDS TO BE A PASSPORT, SOCIAL SECURITY CARD OR BIRTH CERTIFICATE.
  2. With the above completed, contact Garrett Kimball at the Badging Office at gkimball@avports.com or 203-466-8833 ext 1004 to have your fingerprints taken and organize training.  Their office is located on the first floor of the arrivals terminal, and Garrett is available 9:30-16:00: M-Th by previous appointment, AND Friday for walk-ins. The whole process takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. 
  3. New badges are $50 (cash or check made out to “HVN”) and renewals are $30, which we need to do every other year in September. Be sure to have your old badge with you, plus the two forms of government issued ID you showed to Laura.

If someone isn't compliant their badge will be disabled, and they will have to attend a training class to have it re-enabled and usable. Tweed is becoming quite serious about everyone having and using their security badge – pilots without badges will be escorted from the airport and will not be able to fly!!!