N6297J – Piper Archer II

Due to the dual G5 installation coordinated with a Garmin 430W and Garmin 500 autopilot with autotrim, this aircraft is not only IFR capable but also counts as a technologically advanced aircraft (TAA) that can be used for completion of the commercial certificate requirements.  It is primarily used for cross-country flights and instrument rating instruction. The aircraft has  room for four adults with a separate baggage compartment. N6297J will carry 1014 pounds. Full fuel uses 300 pounds, leaving 714 pounds available for pilot, passengers, and baggage.  Cruising speed at full weight and 75% power is approximately 130-140 miles per hour.

The interior has been recently redone, and the plane repainted.

$140/hr wet

N6297J Checklists and Resources:

Click here to see resources for the extensive avionics on this TAA aircraft.