Ty on approachWe currently use Flight Circle for both scheduling and billing.  Basic orientation and instructions are here.  For further information and to be invited to create an account within Flight Circle, please contact our Billing Officer, Josh Snow.

Members are asked to be polite about scheduling the aircraft: cancel reservations promptly if the flight will not be made, and return the aircraft on time. Currently there is a $10 charge for failing to cancel a reservation that will not be used. In addition, dual instruction same-day cancellations are subject to a $30 fee.

Standby: You can also sign up for a block of time on Standby, and it will show in Flight Circle as such, with a purple background. If the reserved time becomes available, Flight Circle will contact you. This is can be particularly useful on weekends and in good weather.

Further, if an airplane comes back early, the reservation will show with a grayed-out background.  Once an airplane is thus "checked-in", you may reserve it even though the original, more extensive reservation still shows.

Please consult the Yale Aviation Regulations for complete information on scheduling and reservation guidelines.