Ty on approachStarting June 1, 2019, we will be using Flight Circle for both scheduling and billing.  Basic orientation and instructions are here.  For further information and to be invited to create an account within Flight Circle, please contact our Billing Officer, Josh Snow.

For the rest of May 2019, please use Flight Schedule Pro to reserve an aircraft. Follow the online instructions – tips are listed below – there is no fee for you to use this service.

Fight Schedule Pro Sign-up: Register with “existing company,” as we maintain this service with Robinson. For the next screen, choose Pro v.3, and click on Robinson Flight, LLC in the pull-down menu on the following screen. Fill out your contact info, create an ID and password and accept terms. Next you will need to be approved by a system administrator (which can take 15 minutes to a couple of hours). Once approved, you can use the Flight Scheduling Pro system to make reservations, update contact and aviation information, and customize your schedule view to include only Yale Aviation airplanes.

Reserving YA Airplanes: To reserve, click on the “Schedule” tab at the top of the page. Along the left side, be sure to click on “All Equipment” under the “Resources” pull-down menu so that you reserve YA aircraft only! (Setting this up in “Custom Views” can bring YA planes’ schedule up automatically each time you sign in.) Each reserved block will show how long a specific plane is reserved for, but no details as to who has reserved it. Only the system administrators have this ability. Your reservations will show with your name printed in the block.

To add a reservation, please be careful to leave “Aircraft” blank and choose “Equipment” instead. This is where the Yale Aviation aircraft are listed. You can click on a reservation you already made to edit or delete it (canceling will require you include your reason for doing so). Cancellations made within 24 hours are ONLY possible by calling Robinson (203-467-9555) or YA’s Chief Pilot, Charlie Skelton (203-640-3580), directly.

If a member does not arrive at the airport within thirty minutes of his or her reservation time, the reservation is cancelled, and standbys can take the time. Members are asked to be polite about scheduling the aircraft: cancel reservations promptly if the flight will not be made, and return the aircraft on time. Currently there is a $10 charge for failing to cancel a reservation that will not be used. In addition, dual instruction same-day cancellations are subject to a $30 fee.

Standby: You can also sign up for a block of time on Standby. If the reserved time becomes available, the Chief Pilot or Robinson administrators will contact you. This is can be particularly useful on weekends and in good weather.

Please consult the Yale Aviation Regulations for complete information on scheduling.