News and Upcoming Events

  • IFR Flyers (the Cloud Crowd) – Our next meeting will be Sunday, Oct 1, where we will go over yet another scenario and discuss how we would handle it. RSVP to Mirai Hashimoto ( ). There will be snacks!
  • Pilot Volunteers Needed for Groton Fly-In Oct 5-7!
    Free lunch, plus an AOPA T-shirt and hat goes to every volunteer as a gesture of appreciation.  The dates of critical need are listed below along with AOPA’s volunteer registration details can be found at

    1) Thursday Oct 5 for the 1100-1600 and 1500-1930 shifts,

    2) Friday, Oct 6, for the 0600-1100 and 1400-1930 shifts, and

    3) Saturday, Oct 7, on the 1300-1800 shift.

    AOPA will only use pilots to marshal aircraft, so please consider volunteering. If, for any reason, you are having trouble with the volunteer registration process please call Wayne Booker (401-348-9133), or Charlie Levandoski (860-572-9569).

  • Wash & Wax: Saturday, October 28, 9 am

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